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Blood Type Diet Synopsis

Choosing foods to eat according to your blood type is one of the many ways to individualize a diet to work best for your body. Dr. Peter D'Adamo wrote an entire book on blood type diets, called "Eat Right for Your Type". The book includes the history of blood types and why they are different, what foods are best and worst for each blood type, sample meal plans, and lifestyle choices that most benefit each blood type.

Today's blog post will give a simple overview of the blood type and foods best for each. For more detailed information, I will be giving a talk on blood type diets on Thursday August 23rd from 5:00 - 6:00 pm at Natural Grocers in Davenport, IA and Thursday September 27th from 5:30 - 6:30 pm at Natural Grocers on MLK Blvd in Portland, OR.

The 4 Blood Types:

  • Type O: "O is for Old" - Blood type O is the oldest blood type and traces back to our Cro-magnon ancestors. These groups of people hunted in packs and thrived on meat for fuel. To this day, people with blood type O do best on diets that are high in animal protein and vegetables and low in grains and dairy; a "paleo diet"

  • Type A: "A is for Agrarian" - as good hunting became scarce, humans migrated and began cultivating grains and livestock to help sustain themselves. Communities and permanent living structures were established, which led to entirely new mutation in the digestive tract and thus blood type A was born. Blood type As do well with a plant-based diet, full of vegetables, grains, and small amounts of poultry and fish.

  • Type B: "B is for Balance" - Blood type B has a different formation and was believed to be pushed from the hot Savannah into the cold Himalayas. The digestive tract mutated once again to adapt to the climate change. Blood type Bs do well with a wide variety of foods; the best of both worlds of the animal and plant kingdom. People with blood type B do especially well with high fat animal protein, such as lamb and full-fat cheese, to conserve energy in the cold Himalayas.

  • Type AB: "AB is for Modern" - Blood type AB is the newest and most rare blood type, as it has only been around for roughly 12 centuries. It resulted from an intermingly of type A and type B blood type. Thus AB is a hybrid of both type A and type B characteristics. The right diet for type AB blood is complex. It required careful following of both type A and type B diets. Type ABs do best with limited meat consumption with a focus on consuming seafood, green vegetables, and tofu.

For more information, visit or attend one of my lectures! I'm happy to email you the notes if you are unable to attend. Have a great weekend and be well!

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