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Which Dosha Are You?

I like to keep my patient's constitutional dosha in mind when prescribing foods, herbs, and lifestyle changes. Living within your dosha can help optimize energy levels, immunity, and digestion.

A dosha is an Ayurvedic concept of mind-body types. There are 3 doshas: kapha, pitta, and vata. Usually people have 1 dominant dosha and sprinklings of the others.

Knowing your dosha type can help you know what foods, herbs, exercise, and eating patterns are best for your constitution.

Let's break them down and see which one fits you best!

Kapha - Kapha types tends to have a larger or stocky build. Their body frame is broad and thick, and may tend toward being a heavier weight. Kaphas have moist, thick skin, and abundant, thick hair.

Kapha types are typically great sleepers and tend to waken slowly in the mornings. Temperament-wise, kaphas are easy going and accepting. Nothing really bothers kaphas. When stressed, they tend to withdraw and recluse. They are adaptable to most temperatures, but do not like cold, wet days.

Pitta - Pitta types tend to have a medium build with developed muscle tone. Their frame is moderate, and they can gain and lose weight easily. Pittas have warm skin that may have redness in places or may be easily irritated. Hair is fine with a tendency towards early graying or thinning.

Pittas are moderately sound sleepers, usually needing less than 8 hours to feel rested. Temperament-wise, pittas are purposeful and intense and may become irritable when stressed. They are people with a purpose! Pitta types tend to run warm, regardless of the season.

Vata - Vata types are thin, lanky, and slender with prominent joints and muscles. Joints may have a tendency to crack. Vatas have dry, rough skin and dry, brittle, or frizzy hair. Their hands and feet tend to run cold.

Vatas tend to be light sleepers and wake up easily. Temperament-wise, vatas are lively and enthusiastic by nature. They also like change. Under stress, vatas become anxious and worried. Vata types run chilly and prefer warmer environments.

It's coming into vata season, which means like increases like. If you tend to be more vata, this is a great time for you to do all things cozy and warm!

Think sweaters, cozy blankets, tea, hot cocoa, fireplaces. All good things warm! For more personalized recommendations for exercise, diets, and herbs for your type, feel free to contact me for a free consultation!

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