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Keep a Cold Short & Sweet

Despite your best efforts, a winter cold may still manifest itself. To keep it from getting worse and to get better quicker, here are some natural remedies that can help:

  • Drink -- When you're feeling ill, make sure to drink a significant amount of liquids - this not only helps keep your body hydrated but also aids in speeding up the recovery process. During illness, try and consume mostly liquid as part of your diet; it will provide many essential nutrients and assist with restoring balance within your body. For optimal health benefits, warm beverages such as water, tea, bone broth, soup and vegetable stock should always be your top choice. If you do not feel hungry or if it isn't tolerable to consume warm drinks then don't eat; this means that your body is informing you that it needs more time and energy towards healing than digesting food. But if hunger strikes and self-care calls for a little sustenance - keep things simple with steamed vegetables, rice or soup – all easy on the stomach!

  • Fire Cider -- Don't let another season go to waste! Make your own immune tonic today and be prepared for whatever illness comes your way. This popular potion is composed of potent herbs and spices that are sure to fight off any sniffles, colds, or flu bugs. My favorite recipe is in this blog post.

  • Warming socks -- For generations, this naturopathic technique has promoted healthy circulation and enhanced the body's immunity. Warming socks are most effective when done during nighttime hours with a combination of thin cotton socks alongside thick woolen ones. Begin by warming your feet in either hot water or through a soothing foot bath. Soak the cotton pair before squeezing out any excess liquid, then wear them on top of the dry wool pair while resting. This simple yet powerful procedure is sure to bring you lasting restorative benefits!

  • Rest -- Feeling drained? That's your body telling you to hit the brakes. Chances are, running at top speed helped bring on this illness in the first place! Wherever possible, take it easy until you're back up and running again - after all, self-care is key ;)

  • Fresh air -- As the weather gets chillier, it's just as important to get some fresh air. After all, breathing in stale and germy oxygen isn't going to do you or those around you any favors! If you're able to tolerate it, crack open your window while sleeping at night; take a gentle stroll outdoors (with plenty of layers on); or simply open up the window for 5 minutes - no matter what option works best for you. Your body will be grateful!

  • Neti pot -- If you're dealing with a stuffy nose or sinus pressure, the solution might be available at your local pharmacy! Saline rinses are one of the most effective methods for alleviating nasal congestion and freeing up clogged passages. Not only does it hydrate to dry out congested areas, but it also helps flush bacteria from your system.

  • Fever is your friend --The power of a fever should not be underestimated. Fevers can help the body fight infection, boost white blood cell activity, reduce illness duration, and even stop an individual from spreading infections to others around them. For adults with sicknesses, it is optimal for their fever to reach 102-103 degrees Fahrenheit; however if your temperature reaches 104 or higher as an adult or any degree in infants under 4 months old then medical assistance must be sought immediately.

Please note: This blog post is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you are experiencing health issues, please seek the proper medical care and guidance from your healthcare provider.


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