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What If I Like My Quarantine Schedule?

No doubt there are some perks to quarantine. As things start to re-open and life goes back to "normal", I encourage you to get really specific about aspects of your life that you want to take with you once this is over

A tool I've found helpful is filling in an hour-by hour schedule of how I spend my time. It shows the glaring gaps where I could improve and highlights activities that I'd like to keep making time for in the future. 

Give it a try for a week and focus in on the areas you like. Keep this calendar, and once things go back to normal, fill out another one and compare. Where can you adjust?

I'm a visual learner, so it was helpful for me to color in personal time vs work time vs marketing time etc to really see how my week breaks down. Download your weekly scheduler here!

Download PDF • 186KB

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