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Herbal Medicine
Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutrition means looking at the whole picture of your nutrition status: your unique blood markers, your food preferences, your nutritional deficiencies, and your food intolerances. Naturopathic doctors are trained to look for nutrient deficiencies to know which supplements and dietary recommendations are best for which conditions.

Digestive Health

At QC Natural Health, we believe that health begins in the gut; heal the gut, and the rest of the body follows. Dr. Wolbers has completed specialized training in naturopathic gastroenterology with extensive knowledge  in the treatment of  bloating, gas, abdominal pain, heartburn, nausea, and indigestion. 

Dr. Wolbers has completed a special training called the Carroll Method to help identify which foods you are particularly reactive to. Eliminating toxic foods from the diet helps decrease inflammation and improve overall health. Many medical conditions can be prevented and treated with dietary modifications without extra complications or side effects.

In addition to nutrition, Dr. Emily utilizes her expertise in naturopathic medicine to integrate botanical medicine, homeopathic remedies, pharmaceuticals & lifestyle modifications into treatment plans to achieve optimal wellness inside and out. 

Treatment Approaches

Food Intolerances 


In-Person Visits

In-person visits last 60 or 90 minutes depending if this is your first time at the clinic. Visits include a health history, physical exam, lab results, and treatment plan. We will focus on your health goals and what treatments would work best for you. In the Quad Cities, physical exams will be omitted due to limited scope of practice in Iowa. 

Ray of Light

Phone Visits

Phone consultations can be utilized from anywhere in the country. We may discuss symptoms, lab results, and treatments. Please note diagnoses may not be made over the phone. You must first be seen by Dr. Wolbers or another physician. Visit our FAQ page for more on phone consultations. Phone consults are either 55 minutes or 30 minutes for established patients. 

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