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Food Intolerance Evaluations

Food intolerance evaluations are in the form of a fingerprick blood sample. The sample is processed against the big 15 allergen foods to see if the body has the ability to break down the food.


Foods include:

Egg, Soy, Fruit, Dairy, Meat, Peanuts, Wheat, Fish, Corn, Sugar, Honey, Beans, Potato, Rice, Tomato


Combination intolerances are also looked for. This means two foods that are tolerated well separately, but are not well-tolerated when combined. 


At QC Natural Health you can purchase a food intolerance kit to give you all of this information. Kit includes everything you need for a self-collect sample. Return the sample to QC Natural Health and have your results within 2 weeks. Follow up visit to go over results is included in price. 

Image by Ratul Ghosh
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