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About Dr. Wolbers: Welcome
About Dr. Wolbers: TeamMember

QC Natural Health was sparked when Dr. Emily was in her undergraduate program at Bradley University:


“I was a collegiate runner at the time, and I wanted to be the healthiest version of myself I could be, so I went vegetarian. I thought a change in diet could be the way for me to feel my best and run my best. Well…I felt my worst. I remember going to the cafeteria for breakfast, getting my eggs with extra veggies, having tofu in my salads for lunch, and promptly going back to my dorm room to place textbooks on my belly because I was so bloated.


I was running slowly. I was gaining weight. “Oh it’s just the Freshman 15” they said. But I was also getting sick all the time. In fact, by my 3rd year in school, I was so tired that I went to the university clinic to get my blood drawn. I had almost no white blood cells. My immune system was shot.


I went to see a naturopath, Dr. Pam Taylor, who did a food intolerance test on me. My food intolerances came back as egg & soy! No wonder I didn’t feel very good. From there, I knew I wanted to help people find the root cause of their health concerns, naturally uniquely, with a whole person approach.”


Health doesn’t come in a bottle. There is no cookie cutter way for everyone. At QC Natural Health, we look at the whole picture and the whole person: Body, Mind, and Spirit.


Since 2018, the clinic has evolved to focus on the Mind-Body Connection, Holistic Nutrition, and the Gut-Brain. Our team takes a whole person approach to healing so that you can feel your best not just for a few months, but for years to come!


With love on the journey,

The QC Natural Health Team

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