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Decrease Anxiety at Home

Anxiety comes in waves for me during these times. One of my favorite techniques for decreasing anxiety at home is a Tepid Bath.

What on earth does tepid mean?!

Tepid baths are between 85-95 degrees F, which is roughly half hot, half cold tap water, and they are a fantastic way to calm the nervous system. Tepid baths don't change the body temperature like other bath temperatures, but instead, they work solely on the nerves. Tepid baths are prescribed specifically for calming and decreasing anxiety. It works beautifully as a shower too 😉

Submerge yourself in the tepid water for at least 5 minutes and no longer than 15 minutes. If you're opting for a tepid shower, take care to end your shower in the tepid water, rather than hot or cold.

Please remember that it's okay to not be okay ❤ I'm here to support, and if ever the anxiety feels like too much, give a tepid bath a try!

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