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2nd Dose COVID-19 Vaccination Update

I got the 2nd dose of my vaccine, and it really kicked me! I only had the energy to lie horizontal and send pity pictures to my friends. I don't have much advice on the matter, but these are the things I did that probably/definitely helped.

- Took the day and the next day off

- Plus took it verrry easy the subsequent days

- Epsom salt baths for the sore muscles

- Let the fever do its thing

- Didn't take ibuprofen..okay 200mg 1 time! I was dying!

- Magnesium powder for the headaches

- Drank a ton of water & electrolytes

- Cold, wet socks at nighttime (sleep with them on plus a pair of dry, wool socks)

- Didn't eat much because of nausea, but ate simple foods like rice, toast, chicken, and steamed veggies if I was hungry

- Castor oil packs plus heat also helped with the muscle soreness

Worth it for me for the safety of my patients, loved ones, and country. But just because it was my choice doesn't mean it has to be yours.

There is much more conversation to be had. Take good care!


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