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Food Intolerance Evaluations

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Dr. Emily has completed a special training called the Carroll Method to help identify which foods you are particularly reactive to. Eliminating toxic foods from the diet helps decrease inflammation and improve overall health. Many medical conditions can be prevented and treated with dietary modifications without extra complications or side effects.

Food intolerance evaluation is in the form of a fingerprick blood sample. The sample is processed against the big 15 allergen foods to see if the body has the ability to break down the food. Foods include:

Egg Soy Fruit

Dairy Meat Peanuts

Wheat Fish Corn

Sugar Honey Beans

Potato Rice Tomato

Combination intolerances are also looked for. This means two foods that are tolerated well separately, but are not well-tolerated when combined.    At QC Natural Health you can purchase a food intolerance kit to give you all of this information. Kit includes everything you need for a self-collect sample. Return the sample to QC Natural Health and have your results within 2 weeks. Follow up visit with Dr. Wolbers to go over results is included in price. 


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