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When You Slept Like Crap...

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

When you slept like absolute crap, but you need to concentrate, and more sleep is not an option...

Most people turn to caffeine, and I admit it helps, but studies show something else helps more:⁠


A small (but mighty) study of sleep-deprived individuals shows that just 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercise is better than caffeine for mental processing. ⁠

10 minutes of heart pumping exercise is shown to speed mental processes, enhance memory storage and boost energy far more than a moderate dose of caffeine (50 mg)⁠

Next time you're shy on sleep, try climbing stairs for 10 minutes, going on a 10 minute jog, or doing push ups and jumping jacks instead of reaching for that extra cup of jo. Your mind and body with thank you!

#isleptlikecraplastnight #exercisinganyway

Check this research article out for more info!

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