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Headache Help in 10 minutes

We've all been there. Having that headache that wrecks the trajectory of your day, or at the very least irks you to no end. Commiserate no further!

This blog post will offer two naturopathic techniques for kicking congestion headaches to the curb. Get ready for magic!

Hot Foot Bath

In one of my favorite naturopathic books, Naturopathic Hydrotherapy by Thrash & Thrash, they discuss how we can manipulate blood flow to decrease congestion in the head.

Hot foot bath - this helps draw lymph and blood flow to the feet, away from the head. Place feet and ankles in hot (104-110 degree F) water for 10-30 minutes.

Cold rag to the head - while in the hot foot bath, place a cold wet rag on the head for 10 minutes, as long as it's still cold. This helps move blood and lymph away from the congested areas.

*Please note: always check the water temperature with your hand before putting feet in to reduce burns.

Do not perform this bath if you have peripheral vascular disease, loss of sensation in the feet, or a diagnosis of diabetes

Increase the Magic - Cold Wet Socks

Want to amp up the naturopathic magic and decrease head congestion even more?

Immediately after the hot foot bath, place 1 pair of thin cotton socks under cold tap water until socks are soaked.

Wring out socks & place them on your feet. Cover socks with a thick pair of wool, dry socks.

Go straight to bed.

Your body will thank you in the morning!

Throughout the night, your body will be working to heat up the cold, wet socks. That means blood continues to flow away from the head to decrease congestion.

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