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Summer Solstice 108

Happy Summer Solstice! June 21st is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and a kickoff to the first day of summer! The summer solstice is a spiritually auspicious and scientifically significant time of year. The solstice has been celebrated for centuries around the world as a time to delight in nature, abundance, beauty, and bounty.

It is important to note that the days increasingly get longer leading up to the summer solstice and then gradually shorten once again until the winter solstice. Thus, the summer solstice serves as a climactic point for our journey through the seasons and acts as a reminder to appreciate beauty while we have it.

This makes midsummer an ideal time to appreciate everything you love about life. Reflect on passion, creativity, rebirth, renewal, action, and clarity; all symbols of the summer solstice. Just as ancient ancestors did, a ritual to commemorate the solstice can bring the most power out of the day.

This year, I will be co-teaching 108 Sun Salutations at Drishti Yoga with Patty Harding. The communal energy ignites renewal, growth, and a detoxification for the mind and body. Please join us to celebrate this special day! Celebration begins at 2:00pm Saturday June 23rd at 738 NE Dekum Street Portland, OR.

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