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Going Green on the Grill

Firing up the grill and the smell of barbecue are some of my keynotes of summer. While grilling and gathering with loved ones are perfect summer fun, there are some aspects of grilling that are not healthful for the planet or for us. Keep summer fun and healthy with these 7 tips on green grilling!

Going Green

1. Light It Up - avoid petroleum-based lighter fluids as these release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Instead, try natural lighter fluids or use a paper towel soaked in oil to light your charcoal.

2. Clean Machine - regular grill cleanings reduce build up of grease and food particles that produce more smoke. Clean your grill while it's still hot after cooking with water and baking soda.

3. Switch to Gas - gas grills are much more energy efficient and produce fewer pollutants than charcoal grills.

4. Reuse, Reduce - bring a stack of reusable dishes and forks for your next cookout. A few extra minutes of washing beats a pile of plastic in the landfill.

5. Add Foil - as fat drips and burns on the grill, it creates polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the smoke, which have been linked to various types of cancer. Line the grill with foil with holes to avoid consuming toxic chemicals.

6. Cook Low and Slow - cooking for longer periods at lower temperatures also decreases the amount of PAHs and makes for more tender, juicy meat.

7. Marinade - marinading meat and veggies before grilling helps reduce the exposure to cancer-causing chemicals that occur while cooking. Even just 30 minutes of marinade can make a difference!

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