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Did you Know Lymph Congestion causes Cellulite?

Bummer right?! The orange peel look of cellulite comes from pockets of fat pushing through tight, restricted fascia. ⁠

Now before you start placing judgement on bodies, please know that fat pockets are perfect, healthy, normal, and fun! The part that we want to change here is the congestion. ⁠

Cellulite is not a localized problem to the hips, butt, and thighs, but rather a systemic issue of lymphatic congestion throughout the body. ⁠

To truly get rid of cellulite, we need to stimulate healthy lymph flow everywhere. How??⁠

Join me in my lymphatic cleanse! During the month of July I'm leading a guided lymphatic cleanse to move the lymph and detox the body. Signs you might have lymph congestion include:

- Chronic, mild skin conditions

- Cellulite

- Headaches

- Low energy

- Constipation

- Bloating

- Swollen, tender breasts before menses

- Stool changes before menses

This cleanse is intended to last 1-3 months, depending on how gung-ho you want to go! You'll receive a custom lymph-moving herbal blend, and we'll talk about guided steps to move the lymph with nutrition, exercise, and Ayurvedic medicine practices, so that you can feel your absolute best! Sign up here to get started!


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