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Hot Lemon Water + Good Zhuzh

Hot Lemon Water is one of my favorite gentle detoxifiers. Here are 5 reasons why: . #1 Gently stimulates the liver and activates bile flow, so that your body can flush out toxins. . #2 Prevents constipation by stimulating the GI tract. Drink first thing in the morning for extra benefit. . #3 Alkaline effect on the body. Kind of confusing because lemons themselves are acidic, but lemon water support healthy pH in the body. . #4 Warm water promotes digestion and absorption, rather than cold water that stifles digestion. . #5 Extra vitamin C - fends off free radicals, supports the immune system, and is great for keeping the skin healthy and glowing. . Give it a try tomorrow morning, (maybe even as a coffee substitute if you're daring!) and let me know how it goes!


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