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Yoga Poses for Digestive Ease

Eat too much during the holidays? Me too. Here are a few yoga poses to get the digestive system moving and relieve some discomfort from fullness.

  • Trikonasana (Triangle pose) -- bring feet twice as wide as the shoulders, point toes of one foot away, bring one hand on to the shin or a block, raise other hand high, keep both legs straight, gaze up or down. This pose improves digestion and stimulates appetite.

  • Paschimottanasana (Forward bending pose) -- keep both legs straight, fold forward, relax head and shoulders, and let hands rest on the legs or feet. This pose helps relieve constipation.

  • Pavanamuktasana (Knee to chest pose) -- tuck knees into chest, wrap arms around shins, bring forehead toward knees, flex feet. This pose is affectionately called “wind-relieving pose” because it helps relieve gas and improve digestion.

  • Matsyendrasana (Lord of the fishes pose) -- tuck one heel under the opposite hip, bring other heel over the bent leg, twist toward the raised knee. Elbow can come to knee or arm can wrap around shin. This pose gently massages the abdominal organs.

  • Ustrasana (Camel pose) -- stand on knees, place a blanket under knees if needed, support the low back by placing both hands on low back as you bend backwards. Option to lower one or both hands to the heels. This pose stretches the stomach and intestines and helps relieve constipation.

For more movement and lifestyle recommendations, come take a yoga class with me at Woodlawn Yoga - Sundays Vinyasa 8 - 9am or at Om Base Yoga -Thursdays Vinyasa 5:45 - 6:45 pm

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