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Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Constitutional hydrotherapy is a series of hot and cold towels across the chest and back, which helps to improve digestion, stimulate circulation, decrease congestion, and stimulate the immune system. These processes help to heal and restorative the body as well as improve functional and chemical mechanisms. Hydrotherapy is an important level of treatment and is usually necessary for the recovery from chronic illness.

The effects of constitutional hydrotherapy are cumulative, and therefore it is recommended to do three to five treatments per week. Hydrotherapy will lose its best effect if done fewer than three times a week. A series of fifteen hydrotherapies is equivalent to a year’s worth of dietary change when combined with an appropriate individualized diet.

At some point during the series of hydrotherapies, the body will go through an acute healing reaction. During the healing process, the body brings back the initial disturbances and devotes the body’s basic mechanisms of healing to remove these disturbances.

This process is usually followed by an elimination, such as sweating, diarrhea, mucous discharge, etc., and disease will soon resolve. It is vitally important that this healing reaction is not suppressed. Suppression brings about the creation of chronic disease.

90% of chronic diseases are preventable! Invest in healthy aging and a clean bill of health with hydrotherapy.

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