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Heal a Leaky Gut

Worried you might have leaky gut? No need to fret! There are many treatment options for healing the gut and decreasing intestinal hyperpermeability (fancy name for leaky gut).

This list of gut healing treatments was overwhelming to me, and I'm a gut health nerd! So here it is in simple cliff note terms:

How to heal a leaky gut cliff notes:⁠

Balance the flora - find and get rid of any bacterial, viral, or yeast overgrowth in the GI tract. This can be done with a breath test/stool test, natural antimicrobials, and the help of a gut-healing naturopath. ⁠

Then repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria. ⁠

Avoid food allergies and intolerances to decrease inflammation in the body and prevent leaky gut from coming back. ⁠

Limit substances that are toxic to the gut - NSAIDs, excess alcohol, carageenan, high fructose corn syrup are the biggies.⁠

Heal the gut lining - there are a lot of supplements for healing a hyperpermeable gut. Some of my favorites are L-glutamine, Gamma oryzanol, and licorice. ⁠

Dosing depends on your unique situation, so please contact your naturopathic doc before trying. ⁠

Lastly and most importantly, take care of Y O U - limit emotional stress, get good sleep, remember the #gutbrainconnection. Your health is an investment, and you're worth it!⁠

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