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Be Bitter & Feel Better

Though I'm a big fan of expressing your true emotions, this post is about herbal bitters. The kind that you put in cocktails and the kind that can improve digestive health!

Bitters are a form of herbal medicine that taste exactly like you'd think: bitter! This bitterness plays an important role in stimulating the digestive system; priming the pump if you will.

When the bitter taste hits your tongue, it sends a signal to the nervous system, which turns on the digestive system. Here's how:

- Increases stomach acid

- Increases pancreatic enzymes

- Supports liver metabolism

- Releases bile from the gallbladder to better metabolize fat

- Encourages repair of the gut lining

- Reduces gas & bloating

- Decreases heartburn

- Increases nutrient value from your food

Wow! Those tiny little drops pack a punch!

You only need 10 drops of bitters on the tongue 10-15 minutes before meals to achieve all of these benefits.

I prescribe bitters in my practice often to help people turn on their digestive systems. We live in a culture that doesn't value moving slowly and taking time to digest. Everything is done fast, and sometimes our body needs a little extra help.

Imagine feeling stressed, you're in a rush today and just grab something quick for lunch. You're tired, so there's an extra load of caffeine in your day. Plus medication use, plus sedentary lifestyle, plus the natural aging process. It's no wonder our digestive systems get out of whack!

If you've come to the realization that burping, bloating, heartburn, and indigestion are your new normal, then bitters might be the trick for you!

Bitters help to decrease these symptoms, increase digestion, and help nourish the gut back to its true, healthy, normal. Give it a try, and let me know how it goes!

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