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Combating the Holiday Hustle

With the holidays in full swing, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of the season. With this stress, our minds can get frazzled, and our bodies can get tense. Our nervous system transitions to “fight-or-flight” mode, and suddenly, we’ve lost the true meaning of the season.

Treat yourself to a stress-free holiday season by staying mindful, present, and centered with this 5 minute technique. You’ve got a free 5 minutes, right? You’re reading this blog post, so I know you do.

Step 1: Start by sitting in a quiet place. If quiet is impossible to find at this moment, mentally shut out the clabber and turn inward. Closing the eyes may help.

Step 2: Place your hands on your low belly and start to deepen the breath.

Breathe in for 9 slow counts

Rest with full lungs for 3 counts

Breathe out for 9 slow counts

Rest with empty lungs for 3 counts

Step 3: Repeat this sequence 9 more times.

Feel better? Most people say they notice a difference even after 2-3 rounds. If you found it helped, keep this technique with you. The breath is one of our most powerful tools for calming the nervous system, and we carry it with us always. Happy Holidays!

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