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Healthy Holiday Platter

In the swing of the holidays, eating healthy isn't always the #1 priority. Understandable! This is a time to celebrate, enjoy time with loved ones, and eat good food! Here are a few of my favorite holiday swaps that are on the healthy side of the food spectrum and still taste delicious!

Swap Out: Mashed Potatoes Swap In: Roasted Sweet Potatoes

This alternative offers more potassium, vitamin A, and fiber than the familiar white potatoes. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees, cut sweet potatoes in 1 inch pieces, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with cinnamon and salt, and roast for 25-30 minutes (unless fork tender)

Swap Out: Holiday Ham Swap In: Thighs (Chicken & Turkey)

Ham is one the highest sources of sodium and nitrates in the diet. Sodium is linked to high blood pressure. Nitrates are carcinogens, which mean they are linked with cancer. Instead, swap in chicken thighs or dark meat turkey. The darker meats have lots of flavor and healthy fat, so it's still tasty but much healthier for your cells.

Swap Out: Sugar Cookie Swap In: No Bake Cookie

The dessert trays are always the greatest temptation for me during the holidays, and believe me I don't hold back! This year, instead of reaching for the adorably decorated sugar cookies, try swapping in a chocolate-peanut butter no-bake cookie. This dessert offers healthy fat with grass-fed butter, fiber with rolled oats, and a little protein with peanut butter.

Swap Out: Egg Nog Swap In: Spiced Chai

While eggnog can have some nutritional value, it tends to be calorie-dense. On a day naturally filled with a lot of calories, swapping out a beverage can be an easy way to not get overly full. Spiced chai is a nice alternative because it is a low-calorie tea with lots of anti-inflammatory spices. I usually like to make mine with milk to give it a warm, cozy flavor.

As always, these are simply ideas and some of my favorite holiday swaps. Enjoy your favorites this holiday season, indulge a little, and love a lot. Happy Holidays!

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