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The Process of Healing

Fever and inflammation are healing processes and are attempts by the body to heal itself. The body is constantly working to set itself back in balance. If there are disturbances, the body will react to them in whatever way is most suitable. Healing occurs in an ordered process:

First, a disturbance occurs. This creates an irritation. The body responds with inflammation. The inflammation is followed by discharge and resolution.

Disturbance --> Irritation --> Inflammation --> Discharge --> Normal Health

If the disturbance is chronic, for example, a frequently incorrect diet, the response will become chronic. A balance is struck between the disturbance and the response. This helps preserve the organism; lower the intensity of the reaction, but the body's overall vitality is lowered.

When the disturbance is removed, the body will build up and respond vigorously to throw off the effects of the chronic disturbance. This is a healing reaction.

If you make healing changes in your life, you should expect to feel increasingly better and then to get sick. A common reaction is to develop a cold or flu-like symptoms. Have you ever noticed that after a period of stress, you get sick on your first day off?

If these symptoms are treated in non-suppressive ways, you will feel increasingly better as each episode passes. Your health is being restored in a natural way.

You may also notice that as you improve, old symptoms reappear. Likely, these symptoms had been suppressed, and as you proceed through the healing process, old symptoms will reappear in the reverse order that they appeared. It is important not to suppress these symptoms so that they can be treated appropriately and clear up for good.

Until next time, be well, my friends!

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