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Breast Health Tips You Need to Know

Let's have a chat about breast health.

During October, we often hear about screenings and early detection for #breasthealthawareness month. However, let's shift the focus to something equally important: prevention.

Effective prevention is rooted in the daily lifestyle choices we make. Consider this:

A woman wearing a pink shirt holds a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon. She stands as a symbol of support and solidarity for breast cancer awareness

Minimize exposure to chemicals that disrupt hormones

Lotions (containing parabens), plastics (containing phthalates), pesticides (like glyphosate), and even cash register receipts (with BPA) often contain chemicals that imitate estrogen.

Embrace a Colorful Diet

Vibrant fruits, vegetables, and spices are abundant in antioxidants that promote breast health. Certain foods, such as broccoli, mushrooms, and turmeric, offer exceptional benefits for maintaining breast health.

Reduce Alcohol

Consuming alcohol has been associated with elevated estrogen levels. In fact, women who consume three alcoholic drinks per week face a 15% higher risk of developing breast cancer compared to those who abstain completely.

Optimal breast health isn't exclusive to women. Men and women alike can benefit from following these valuable recommendations.

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