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Best Potato-Free Store-Bought Breads

Updated: May 27, 2022

When one of my patients has a potato intolerance, finding a store-bought bread that digests well can be quite a task. ⁠

(just to note: potato-free, in my practice, means unenriched flour/no B vitamins. Synthetic B-Vitamins are often potato-derived)⁠.

Here are my Top 7 Potato-free Breads:⁠

#1: Dave's Killer Bread @daveskillerbread has a deeply inspiring story as well. They are a Second Chance Employer, which means they open doors for people criminal pasts and believe that everyone deserves the chance to 'become a Good Seed'. ⁠

Also, the Good Seed loaf is delish!⁠

#2: Shilo Farms Sprouted Bread @shilo_farms_foods is sprouted, which means it's got more fiber and more protein than regular bread, and it takes less work for your body to digest. ⁠

#3: Angelic Bakehouse @angelicbakehouse I haven't tried this one yet, but now that I found it I'm going to! Most easily available online rather than in-store. ⁠

#4-#7 (These are absolutely worth mentioning because of their ease in finding. They are only lower on the list because they have soy in them). ⁠

#4: Ezekiel Bread also sprouted and delicious. Usually found in the freezer section. ⁠

#5: Eureka! Organic Graniac Bread is where it's at. I'd put it up there with Dave's if it didn't have the soy. ⁠

#6: Pepperidge Farms Whole Grain Bread - gets the award for easiest to find. I've seen this one at grocery stores in some of the tiniest towns. ⁠

#7: Orowheat 100% Whole Grain Bread - also very easy to find and at most Target stores. ⁠

I hope this helps all the potato-free people in your life! If you need extra guidance, I'm here to help!⁠


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