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Healthy Halloween Treats 🎃

Bookmark this post for delightful and nutritious Halloween treats - ideal for parties, children's lunches, or indulging on trick-or-treat night.

An orange pumpkin, filled with creamy dip, and surrounded by slices of bread shaped like bats. The dip and bat-shaped bread make a festive and delicious Halloween snack.

Witch’s Fingers

Create witch-inspired finger snacks by cutting small rectangles from a green bell pepper and attaching them to the end of cheese sticks to resemble fingernails. For added realism, carve a few lines on the cheese to mimic finger joints. Pictures on our Social Media page!

Clementine “Pumpkins”

Create a fun and festive treat by peeling clementine oranges and adding a small piece of celery on top to resemble a pumpkin stem.

Pumpkin Hummus

Create a delectable dip by blending pumpkin, chickpeas, olive oil, and a selection of flavorful spices like cumin, paprika, or cayenne to your liking. Serve with crispy pita chips or fresh vegetables for a nutritious and festive treat.

Mummy Mini Pizzas

Transform your favorite bagels or gluten-free English muffins into adorable mummy-inspired mini pizzas. Use black olives as the eyes for a spooky touch.

Have a fantastic Halloween and make the most of this spooky celebration!

(and don't feel guilty if you happen to grab a piece of candy or two!)


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