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5 Natural Energy Boosts

There are alternative ways to quickly boost your energy levels besides relying solely on caffeine and sugar. Say what?

Here are my top 5:


Engaging in physical activity is a highly effective method to stimulate blood flow and boost your energy levels! Take a stroll around the neighborhood, engage in some energetic jumping jacks, or even just rise from your seat for a few minutes and gently shake out your limbs.


Oxygen is vital for your cells to produce energy efficiently. Sometimes we unconsciously hold our breath, causing us to feel drained. If you find yourself in such a state, take a moment to pause and replenish your energy by indulging in a few deep and invigorating breaths.

Cold Water Splash

If a sink is available (and you're not wearing makeup), a refreshing splash of cold water on your face can provide an invigorating boost of energy.


Adequate hydration is crucial for optimal cellular function and energy production. Even a mere 2% dehydration can hinder your concentration and focus.Stay hydrated throughout the day by keeping water readily available. When you start feeling sluggish, take refreshing sips to recharge your energy.

Eat A Snack

Fluctuations in blood sugar levels can significantly contribute to feelings of fatigue. Instead of reaching a point where you crave a sweet snack, proactively sustain your energy levels by consuming well-balanced, whole-food meals. This approach not only promotes optimal nutrition but also helps maintain your overall well-being.

While these could be seen as temporary energy boosts, incorporating them into your daily routine may lead to a sense of calmness, happiness, and increased energy on a regular basis.

And always remember—unraveling the underlying reasons behind tiredness and fatigue often requires a bit of investigation. That's what we do in functional medicine.


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