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New Coffee Study & How it Affects the Brain

Attention new research!

It is widely recognized that the presence of caffeine in coffee acts to elevate our level of attentiveness and intensify our concentration.

But a new study shows there’s more to coffee’s brain-boosting effects than just caffeine.

During the study, researchers administered either coffee or caffeinated water to a group of healthy adults. To gauge their brain activity, functional MRI scans were conducted.

A white ceramic coffee mug with a unique design: the creamy swirls of a milk or creamer being poured into a cup of dark, steaming coffee.

Both groups exhibited alterations in brain activity associated with increased task readiness. However, coffee additionally enhanced neural activation in regions linked to working memory, cognitive control, and goal-oriented behavior.

In essence, the coffee heightened people's readiness to be attentive and responsive, surpassing the effects of caffeine alone!

The findings in this study bear resemblance to what is commonly observed in research on whole foods and herbs.

Are you a coffee drinker? Go conquer the day!


Picó-Pérez M, Magalhães R, Esteves M, et al. Coffee consumption decreases the connectivity of the posterior Default Mode Network (DMN) at rest. Front Behav Neurosci. 2023;17:1176382. [link]


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